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Temple RMS is the most widely-used pastoral care app world-wide. Easy to use and made especially for Temples, Shuls, and Synagogues.


About Us

Temple RMS is a phone app and desktop platform used every day by thousands of clergy world-wide, and helps staff ensure that no congregant is forgotten. Temple RMS streamlines pastoral care, creating many opportunities to connect with congregants in a personal and customized way, all while saving you time and effort. RMS helps you keep care committees in-sync, log notes, events, generate reports and reminders for each congregant. Congregations using RMS have reported higher member-retention rates and higher overall member-satisfaction.  


Syncs with your CRM
We integrate with Shulcloud, Chaverware, Rakefet, MM2000 & many more.

Care-committee module
Easily update, sync and notify care committees. 

Access your temple database from your smartphone

Contacts, notes, tasks and events.

Schedule events & actions
Never forget a milestone or followup.

Email & text congregants with pre-set messages
Choose from 1000s of personalized messages for any lifecycle event.

Easy to install, use & manage Constantly updated with additional features and provides 24/7 support.

Stronger Relationships Build Stronger Communities

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